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Useful Websites for Home Learning Week 1

Useful Websites for Home Learning Week 1

To complement the activities that your dedicated teachers are creating for you, please find a range of useful websites. 

They consist of:

  • a range of educational games and quizzes where you can test your knowledge and retention of subjects, or even compete against your friends
  • useful educational websites that cover all subjects across both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 
  • educational apps that can be downloaded and accessed via mobile phones and tablets (some may incur a slight cost or have in-app purchases that may need disabling).

It is important to recognise that these websites do not replace the work you will be set by your subject teachers, however they will provide extra support and knowledge that should increase your understanding and could further enable you to complete the assignments you are given.

Educational Games & Quizzes

Useful Apps

Educational Websites

Year 11: A-Level Prep.