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Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy

We believe that you have the right to use the latest technology to help support your learning.  In order to do this, there are some rules we need you to follow to ensure that you are kept safe.  As well as expecting you to follow these rules, we will also teach you about the dangers you can face online and how to avoid them.  If you ever feel unsafe online, please inform your Year Manager or any other adult in the College.


Network Use

  • I will only access the school ICT network with my own username and password.
  • I am responsible for my password and I will keep it confidential. If someone else uses my password to gain access to my personal area, this is my responsibility and I will report this to a member of staff.  I will choose a password that is difficult to work out and change it regularly.
  • I will not access or attempt to access the work of other students.
  • I will only use the school network for school related work.  I will not use the school network for non-school related work e.g. playing non-educational games.
  • I will not bring in computer media from outside school unless I have been given permission to do so.  I will not attempt to install anything on the school computers.
  • I will ensure that the documents stored on my personal area are appropriate; I am aware that staff can access my personal area and so files stored on these servers are not always private.
  • I will only print school work with staff permission; I will not intentionally waste limited resources such as printer ink or paper.
  • I will not damage computer hardware, computer systems or computer networks.  I will report any damage I see to a member of staff.
  • I understand that my use of the school ICT network is monitored on a daily basis.  This software will alert my teachers to any inappropriate searches/comments that I may make whilst using all areas of the ICT network including the internet, email and all computer programmes. 


Internet Use 

  • I will only use the Internet in lessons when I have asked permission or been instructed to do so by the teacher. 
  • The teacher will guide me towards appropriate materials to access.  If I discover access to information I think may be inappropriate, such as nudity, hate-related crime (e.g. terrorism), bullying (e.g. racial, homophobic, sexism etc.). I will inform my teacher.
  • I will not use my personal 3/4G internet during school time. 
  • I will not actively seek to find or share inappropriate material either on the school network or using my personal 3/4G.
  • I will make sure that I do not copy materials such as text, pictures, video or music/sound without making reference to where the material has come from (e.g. the website it was downloaded from).  This is to make sure I follow Copyright legislation.
  • The use of social media during school time is not permitted.
  • I will not use mobile devices to take pictures/videos during school time unless instructed by my teacher to do so.


Email Use 

  • I will use my school email account sensibly and safely.
  • I am aware that if someone has my email password, they can use my email address to send abusive messages to people meaning that I will get the blame.  I will report this to a member of staff and change my password immediately.
  • I will only be able to send an email to Hathershaw College staff members and to myself (for example, to send work home to complete for homework).  I can email teachers to ask for help and advice with my work and to forward them completed work as an attachment. 
  • I must not send any email that is offensive or inappropriate. 


Please be advised that if anybody breaks any of these rules, they will be banned, temporarily or permanently, from using the school ICT network.  Parents/carers will be informed and further action may be taken.



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