Hathershaw College

Sports Relief 2016

Sports Relief 2016


On Friday 18th of March 2016, Sport Relief was celebrated all across the country to raise money for much needed causes at home and abroad, and The Hathershaw College were no exception.

With our PE faculty doing a great job of organising the events to take place across the school, we knew we were in capable hands and that a lot of money would be raised - with some fun along the way! Activities included;

  • Sponsered 1 mile runs by all students
  • Pedometer challenge between PE faculty, Pastoral faculty and our Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
  • Spinning bikes continuously used throughout the day
  • Stress Ball and Wristband sales throughout the week
  • Bake sale at break and lunch times
  • Curry sale at break and lunch times

Even Voluntary Sport Oldham got involved in the action by holding their Ability Roadshow in our Sports Hall, where primary school children from around the borough had the chance to experience some fantastic new sports including Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball and Boxing.

As a school we cycled 640 kilometres - the same distance as Oldham to Calais - and the PE faculty were the victors of the Pedometer challenge, with the Pastoral faculty and SLT taking second and third place respectively.  A total of £575 was raised, with this total set to rise due to student donations through the ePraise reward system used in school. We know that this total will help lots of children around the world, and would like to thank the school community for getting so involved and donating all of this money.