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Expressive Arts (Key Stage 3)

Please Note: We are currently in the process of reviewing our curriculum. Further details will be published on our website in due course.

Students in year 7 & 8 will experience all areas of Expressive & Performing Arts. They will work on a carousel system between the subjects Art, Photography and Performing Arts.


Year 7

What will pupils study this year?

The students study the arts on a carousel system over the 2 years. They have 10 lessons per discipline in year 7 and 12 lessons in year 8.





 Fictional Characters  

 Skills covered:

  • Drawing with tone & texture.

  • Symmetrical design.

  • Pixilation.

  • Enlargement of image.

  • Oil pastels.

 Students create their own space invader.They also engage with discussion about street art and contemporary art within video games.


 Zombies and Ghosts 

 Skills covered:

  • Saving & storing files.

  • Composition.

  • Using filters on Photoshop.

  • Adding text to photographs.

  • Posing and positions.

 Students design their own video game.

 Performing Arts

 Super Mario Brothers 

 Skills covered:

  • Freeze frames.

  • Scene Transistions.

  • The 5 Actions (Travel, Jump, Turn, Stillness and Gesture)

  • Articulation

  • Projection

 Students perform their own piece of written rhyming poetry.

 Students will continually revisit and refine these soft skills. They are increasingly identified as an area desirable to employers, colleges and universities.The soft skills consolidated by the arts include problem solving, team work, confidence building and evaluative skills.


Year 8

What will pupils study this year?





 Architecture & Urbanscapes 

 Skills covered: 

  • Drawing with use of tone and texture

  • Creation texture with ‘relief’ techniques.

  • Create acrylic painting.

  • Create a wax resist mixed media.

  • Painting with a limited palette.

 Students create arrange of art responses based on Elephants and Mice. Students engage with artist movement ‘Fauvism’.


 Dolls & Figurines 

 Skills covered: 

  • Landscape photographs

  • Outdoor/ Indoor scenes

  • Full body shots

  • Face shots

  • Photoshop skills including opacity, magnetic lasso, colour hue and filters.

  • Documentary writing.

  • Windows Movie Maker Live

  • Editing of video, music and photographs.

 Students create their own documentary of the ‘Haunting at Hathershaw’. This involves those creating scenes with ghosts and zombies, alongside an interview in a documentary style.

 Performing Arts

 Good & Evil 

 Skills covered: 

  • Consolidation of freeze frames and transitions with use of the 5 actions.

  • Use of voice (including pitch and tone)

  • Use of language (including pronunciation & tongue twisters)

  • Action on stage

  • Reaction on stage

  • Use of Prop

 Students create a performance based on ‘The Witches’ by Roal Dahl.

 Students will then formally finish their formal arts education. They are welcome to choose a discipline at GCSE and continue with the extracurricular programme